Professional Photographers of South carolina

Resources and educational opportunities for South Carolina's professional (and aspiring professional) photographers

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The Professional Photographers of South Carolina (PPSC) is an organization committed to helping photographers improve their craft and succeed in business. With members from novice to award-winning, Certified, Master photographers, PPSC has cultivated a diverse network of resources and expertise that has become a valuable asset to all photographers, professionals and students alike. Workshops and other educational opportunities are available on a monthly basis to members.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a new photographer with a passion for photographic imagery of any kind, joining our family of image makers may be one of the most important decisions of your career.  As the only PPA affiliate organization in South Carolina, PPSC extends the same business values and artistic inspiration to its members as PPA, as it applies specifically to photographers in South Carolina.






membership levels and member exclusive Benefits


Active Professional Member

$199 annually or $19 a month

An active member is an individual involved in professional photography in a full or part time capacity.  Photographers who do not own their own business, but work in any capacity as a photographer are also eligible.

Benefits Include:

  • Attend PPSC activities in any/all districts

  • FREE admission to the Annual Conference

  • Serve on committees

  • Serve on the Board Of Directors

  • Serve as your district Chairperson

  • Participate in Photographic Competitions

  • Earn Merits and Degrees

  • Be eligible to receive scholarships to The Lamarr Williamson School of Photography

  • Use the PPSC association logo for your promotional purposes

Associate Professional Member

$139 annually or $14 a month

Associate Professional Members must be part of a studio or photography business in which at least one other individual in the same studio or business is a current Active Professional Member of PPSC.  

Benefits Include:

  • Associate Members have all of the same benefits as the Active (parent) Member for the duration of the membership held by the Active Professional Member.

Student Member

$39 and 5 volunteer hours annually

Student Members must be full time students of photography at an accredited institution or other school approved by the PPSC Board of Directors.  Minimum age requirements must be met for admission to certain activities/events.

Benefits Include:

  • Attend PPSC activities in any/all districts

  • FREE admission to the Annual Conference

  • Serve on committees

  • Participate in Photographic Competitions

  • Must meet a minimum requirement of volunteer hours on behalf of PPSC and its related events.


Learn and meet and shoot and eat,... or "events" as we like to call them

There are always new things to learn, new ideas, and new inspirations out there.  Let us help you connect with other passionate photographers in your home state.  Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for  someone to bounce ideas off of, or you are just getting started and looking for a supportive community to help you grow your business, meeting other photogs face-to-face can really help you thrive.

From shoot-outs, to member exclusive educational classes, to social gatherings and more, PPSC offers everything you need to help you keep learning, connecting, shooting, and (of course) eating.